Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey


Seeming like I went to the bus and walked right back,

Such beautiful days they had been,
5 days of crazy laughter,
We all were Queens.

Knowing teachers like never before,
The fragrance of care, an aura around us,
Chance of depression being very lean,
We all were Queens.

The cold mist turned us over,
Showing the probable destruction,
We stood side by side, heard and seen,
We all were Queens.

I was just guessing,
Nothing seemed real,
A twelve dozen uncontrollable teens,
We all were queens.

I'm back home now,
Everybody was.
Visions of the past remained blurred and bleak,
Who cares?
We all were queens.

Dedicated to all the still crazier human beings who were with us, who laughed along, who cried along,
They call themselves teachers,
We call them parents.
:* to every single person responsible for Success this bright. Alhamdulillah.

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  1. An unforgettable pack of uncontrollable twelve dozen queens
    Filled in two buses!!!
    My role was to lead the team
    And to co-ordinate: the journey, the food, the stay and the visits
    I was fully confident because
    I know that my uncontrollable twelve dozen queens.....,
    Are able to read the language of love
    Are able to listen to the language of care
    Are able to respond according to the demand of a situation
    I never shouted, never scolded
    And never had a bitter talk…
    But you the mischievous pack of uncontrollable
    Gave me something more than I expected….
    A great experience in my life as a teacher
    Pleasant memories to cherish…

    Congrats for penning a beautiful rhymed composition from experience......