Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Fall Back And Love Eventually.

There come’s a time, when everything,

Almost everything’s precious

When all that you see,

Brings only about two, two letter words,

‘US’ and ‘WE’.

That Poem you inspired me for,

That bar of delicious 5-star,

That Golden yellow field of sun-flowers,

And Ha, How could I forget,

Those beach trips in you’re car.

When all I do is think about you,

When something I don’t do, is because of you.

When the sleepy-eyed cute fights at dawn.

And later, the tongue in cheek smile,

Only about the Sarcasm

Me and you being “turned on”


That night I kept it all in,

That night I swore I’d never take it all out,

One might as well as eat their words,

Especially when their life starts resembling a


That time, when refusing anything’s just for,

And is only to make you persuade for more,

When saying No, is just for,

And is only to make you beg for more,

All the “you’re fat, you’re fat” comments,

I act to be angry at,

That secret enjoyment,

We both very well know.

That,*oooooohh my favorite*

That time I kept saying,

“I’m going, I’m going”

Just to hear you say “Don’t”,

And then giving you a piece of paradise,

Saying “I won’t”

Things I never do start coming up,

*yes, finally getting influenced*

Eating nutella, drinking tea,

Loving Life and yesh yesh,

Saying No to MAGGI

All I can do is look out and look out more,

The more I do, the more I got confused,

*Big grin*

For Once, I don’t regret the past,

Through all the crazy things I tend to send,

Now its

“I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend”


  1. Dear Huda Ahsan,
    Assalamu Alaikum.
    I do not know you personally.
    Your dad is a good friend of mine.
    Very glad to see the lyrics you've scribbled on this blog.
    You seem to have a poet or versifier in you.
    That's, no doubt, a blessing from Allah, the Almighty.
    But I fear it can even be a big test to you.
    Many people, I know, who started scribbling at your age, were misguided to wrong notions by those around them. They were deluded into the world of false values by their convent school culture friends and teachers.
    Music, lyrics, painting, romance, all these have a place in our life. But if we are not rightly guided by the teachings of the prophet in this regard, we've a big chance to be lost in a world of false values.
    My advice to you at this age is to accept the recitation of the Quran as the biggest passion in your life. Spend your leisure in the learning of the Quran in all its depth. A girl of your potentials will not find it difficult to do.
    It will teach you as to how to be a good poet too. So that afterwards you realize that even writing poems could be made a divinely rewarding enterprise. If this doesn't happen parallel to your pursuit of these passions, you're likely to be deluded. Self-indulgence is not a good part even at this age. Think of the purpose behind the creation of the universe, behind the creation of each one of us. Also think about the predicament of those suffering fellow creatures around the world. And try to be inspired by such things. Art, if not guided by Allah and his apostle, will misguide you into self indulgence. Are you happy with your own picture that you've put on this blog?
    Hope to read / hear you on all these. Ahmad Ilyas,

  2. it is said that small drops of water make up this ocean...also such cute and splendid little poems structure the universe around us.I can, but only appreciate the open and carefree rendition of your inner feelings,which most of us fail rather fear to express...the handling of words is precise and keeps the reader interested...

  3. Great.
    A simple and good beginning. Keep writing. Wish you all the best.
    Twinkle, a request…. Please let all the buds to be flowers… don’t cut of the buds at the initial level itself.
    The poem is simply great and there is enough depth in thought. Let us support and motivate the poet to write more and more and contribute towards the literature.