Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Mind Murdered For Mistake.

I make a mistake,

Hell, I do it again.

Positive side?

For every ‘wrong’ a ‘right’ you gain.

‘But’, Like always,

A big bad But,

I don’t, cause if I did,

I wouldn’t repeat the same one’s again.

That’s when everything turns around,

I carelessly do it, I slip up,

Purely scrutinizing the pain infecting them,

And of course, lapse again.

My ear’s hear,

For what rightfully is hers to hear.

New curses and old ones,

Loud and clear.

I fight my tears,

Since I have no one to fight for.

If I had,

No doubt I would have pained them,

Like always.

All over again.

I merely gaze at my victim,

Watching worry and stress,

Coil from all around,

I realize I aint the prey,

I was the seeker.

I hunt with my hungry eyes,


Trap them with my negligence,

And eat them with my Errors.

Stunned to find my mind

Blank with Nothingness.

All the while,

Staring at my dupe,

Cry with horror and terror

I remained unmoved,

The monster in me,

Must be acting upon its instincts.

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