Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Forty winks forever.

Sleep gives me pleasure

Sleep gives me peace
To snooze away into the darkness
Is something sought-after.

Three pillows, one blanket
And some soft music please,
Those needs of mine,
Need only to be met till
I’d be asleep.

A misty situation,
Over-powered with dark fumes,
A white snowy bed,
And cold winds would suffice.

A drugged feeling
Pulling the covers tight around me
I close my eyes and let me be.

With swirling perfumes
Of my favorite flowers
A night sky with stars alight,
A hazy overwhelmed shiver,
I hold them pillows tight.

The night looked perfect,
Nothing could go wrong,

Dreams resemble a blank canvas,
Waiting to be painted upon..
It’s our world,
A place only for ourselves,
An unshared heaven.

OUCH! Something burned my cheek.
And now my hands,
As always,
Nightmares wake up when dreams doze off.

That sharp sear, stretched across my mind,
Like a pin pinned down inside my nails,
Blinded for a blink,
I squinted through my sluggish eyes,
That silvery night was tearing apart.

My hushed paradise
Now a wreck.
It was time to get up.

First things first.
New curtains.
Now that’s a must.

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