Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Cold Love Melts Faster.

You make me want to rip you apart,

To tear you into tiny little pieces,

To throw you away into the dark

Where I’ll never have to set eyes upon you again.

I hate you.

I feel heat inside my head.

So much.

IT hurts to think.

I jump up and down,

Trying to drown the pain inside of me,

I remember daily nights, thinking,

Being with you, Must feel like,

Inside a flower. Resting.

A sweet smelling heavenly place

Lying down hushed.

Breathing in the divine scent.

And now, Blue flames

Keep scratching my already vulnerable heart.

Like long bloody nails scribbling that black black board.

Run away from you, I will.

Kick you, I will.

Harm you, I will.

Impair you, I will.

Yet! Go with you, I Gladly will.

AS much as I can loathe you,

Dislike you, Hate you,

Bitch about you and Hurt you...

Alas!! I cannot ignore you.

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