Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Some Wishes Are Best Not Granted

A wish I did not request was ‘Two great friends’

I did not know I needed them till I simply loved them

Tears they wiped and broken hearts they mended

Lucky I cherished them before my life ended.

A wish I did not regret was desiring.

Desiring to be loved by them.

Some wishes I was granted, others denied.

Yet, confusing, to them how happily and evetually I became a gem.

Then came a wish, I wish never happened.

A humiliating deed, An emabarassing story.

The purity of my innocent li’l heart blackened. Perhaps,

It was black already. I do not know. I was sorry.

I felt sad, offended and disappointed.

For I had done something I never do.

My friends were more sad, more offended and more disappointed

For they knew I did something I never tend to do.

And now, I feel most sad, most offended and most disappointed.

I cried myself to sleep saying,

I did not want to do it,I did not want to do it.

Stupid, Stupid Me.


  1. eve,
    good work...but you have done better!
    it began well,but ended abruptly...

    Let the words flow...
    Dont try too much to rhyme...
    Put it neatly & the words will glow...
    Dont need to sound similar every time!!!

    Dont take it to heart,
    just work on your art...
    you have that poise,and me just a novice,
    where i stop,you just start!

    and keep it comin' babe!

  2. My dearest huda

    You are always a sweet innocent charming girl, who use all her potentials to the best of her ability...........that is why we experience the best from you dear.........

  3. well...these comments come from an take it as could work on the flow...cuz.. there was a break in the idea..and you put some ideas where i thought they were out of place but could be better in other G said
    dont stress on the rhyme, but if its all the same...decrease reusing the same words ..makes it look more like a prose....and work on the ending...