Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey


I’ve had everything, I have everything

Shamelessly, I can’t help but say

I have nothing.

I’ve had everyone, I have everyone

And as stupid as it may seem,

I sense I’m alone, I’m in no team.

I wake up everyday from the dead,

(Do I?)
Wandering here and there...

Ignoring every instruction put against me

Helpless about what to be and what not.

Now, I think, a tissue is what I resemble

A weak object to be used and mercilessly thrown away,

Fingers crossed that ‘someone’ would come

And light the flames of hope in me,

For a brighter day.

I had to face ugly truths the hard way,

Difficult lessons at the worst.

And not one inch of anger or emotion in me...

One question is all I want answered.

Am I cursed?

Happiness is way out of proportion,

Depression, Guilt, Fury

I’d take anything as evidence.

Proof of that I’m alive.

I get freedom, I go out.

I travel, I ‘try’ to have fun.

Yet, I’m cooped up in me.

As in a well too high to climb out of.

As bad as my situation might seem to you,

I find it easy,

You see …..

Disappointment turned out to be pleasant for me.


  1. smokin' hot!!!
    the last para is out of this world...
    keep it up!

  2. have to agree with every word of GEE...from a guy who's been findin lonelinees his home for these many years and finds it his santuary hit the spot !

  3. its good but not out of the world or anything!it can touch yo hearts but if yo go depp there isnt much ineer meanings!and try to use a rhymr scheme1it will look more beautiful!