Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Love When You're Sixteen

The door opened with an intonating silence
Heeding my senses,
My eyes wandered over the place,
To see him walking towards me with grace

Looking into those never ending brown orbs of his,
I felt a connection,a correlation,
Though for a millisecond was the meet,
It felt like days,eventually,forgetting i had him to greet

I was once again reminded from the three s's
Stuttering,sweating and stumbling
All at once,with the thudding of the heart,
I treid to get up,and ho,to the floor I went tumbling,

With my face glowing like the setting sun,
We shook our hands,
The lightining flowed through me
The spark filling my veins,
Up and up till it reached my brain

The hot glowing ember inside me,
Reduced to ashes,as I lost his touch,
He was the cause of fire,ripping me up,
The cause of peace burning my tears,
The cause of pleasure,healing all holes,

And cue me leaving this place,
Then gradually coming back for more,
For I could not live without breathing the same air as he would
Why would I even try?knowing that I never could.

My life still revolved around him,
He was special in my eyes,
He made me want to be a better person,
He made me want to care,
To go far away from thieving and lies.

Despite the fact that I made a fool out of me,
And hurt myself everyday,
It was a risk I would take,
For I wanted him more than anything
To keep him forever,for his as well as my sake.

I wanted his fingers curled,
Around my waist when we walk,
My head on his shoulder,
When we sit down to talk.

I wanted the world tearing us apart,
Lean and never to be seen,
For this my friends is,
Love when you're sixteen


  1. love when you are sixteen,twentysix and sixty have the very same have captured the very essence of the emotion...I was specially captivated by the lines "the hot glowing ember...".I also loved the fact that you have taken just a moment in time and converted it into a matrix-like moment where all happens in slow-mo!!I personally feel it would have been special if you stopped just after taking us through that one moment,didnt need the parting...that was,for me a mood killer!

  2. my dearest darling
    each word speaks volumes about your passion for self enhancing and exploring that will definitely make you reach the horizons while u r 26..........Poetry gives immense rich intuitions for the reader as well as for the writer. This is what you are infusing among the mass which I loved the most. Lot of learning undergone as a parent to understand an adolescent and her dreams. Congrats keep it up.........

  3. Nt baad I wud say!by fr yo age it's pretty good!yw cud really try and rhyme the words it wood be better!

  4. ok...this one was actually got thrugh made me realise the feelin that i had lost....and the time wen ...belive it or not ...i actually fell in love when i was actually made a point by point description of that day.....and it saddens me to look back and wonder wat these lost years have done to made this reader a fan....