Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey


Trotting along the path
Filled with stones and pebbles
I looked up from my shoe,
As they were slightly crunching on the gravel..
I was shocked to find something,
Not anything, definitely not nothing but something
Like it materialized out of nowhere
Was a room which I had found rather inviting...
As curiosity won over me
i opened the door, my eyes scanning
Along the books that were stacked everywhere,
And I gasped, "Oh! My lord"
As i found books, books and books
My breathing hitched up,
Slowly realizing what had happened,
I found myself having a hint of a jump...
My heart thudding against my ribs,
My eyes turning bright,
My insides flipping somersaults,
As I soaked in the wonderful sight,
It was a dream,
A dream come true...
These things never happened to me,
Now as it did out of the blue..
After i picked out a book,
I settled down to a corner,
I wanted to read, read and read,
Till let’s say, forever...
Until i was afraid,
To close my eyes, afraid
that I would go as it had come,
For this was a dream,
From which i never wanted to wake up....

1 comment:

  1. Huda ji.

    You are promising. Three reasons: 1, you have a good command of language, which you can improve if you don't stop reading 2, You have encountered that weird world of poetry with its beauty of clours, healthy obsession with death..etc 3, you know how to use figures of speech, although it needs enhancement, which Almighty will sure do, if you try ur best.
    My tips. 1, Read Palgrave's Golden Treasury non-stop. Read at least one poem a day. I have had a Palgrave, which is lost. Still it's available in bookrooms.
    2, Ezeikal, AK Ramanujan, Kamala Surayya (Kamala Das), Arun Kolatkar and Vikram Seth are the Indo-Anglian poets you must read. They will show u how to make use of Indian mileu and imagery to write brilliant, yet beautiful poems.
    3, Quran and Islamic classics should be read poetically (That is, translated in beautiful English). The imagery of Quran has not yet been explored in English. The metaphor of spider web used in the Quranic chapter 'Spider' (Ankabooth)is a case in point.
    4, Try your best to have sense of humour. You dad is a guide. If your poems are full of black and red and have nothing to provoke a tongue-in-cheek smile, you will be branded by literary paparazzi.