Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

My mother.

My mother my mother
She is like no other
She stays up all night
To see if were all right
I love her very much
I want her to touch
Me all day...
For she is like a flower
Bright and gay...
My mother my mother
My sweet mother
Sometimes she scolds
Sometimes she beats
I can ever repay her
For all the kindess she gave
I can never repay her
Not even after a year
I know that she loves me very much
No one can have such
A lovely mother......!

My first poem, or rather words that rhyme together and make sense. :P
I think it deserves to be in here.


  1. No one can have such
    A lovely mother......!

    wondering between ur lines.

  2. i wish there were few more lines. praising Prophet and praising ones mother always gives a great feeling.

    Truly its a good work.

    Well Done.

  3. Mom & Happiness ...for me both are same..